This past weekend I had the pleasure of having my two nephews with my husband and I. We shopped, laughed, played, slept, ate, hugged, swam, and ate some more. For the first time in a long time I found a purpose. I was able and eagerly got out of bed to dote love on those two boys. Not because they aren’t loved by their father. But, because I realized this weekend that my purpose to life isn’t about being rich and famous, it isn’t about being successful and a boss, it isn’t about owning the most bling and having the most friends. My purpose in life is to serve. 

It makes sense to have my purpose in life to serve others. If I take a look back I can see the pattern. I give of myself and love deeply, even to the point of self sacrifice. We laugh here at the office because while my boss is truly the mama bear in this office, I am like her little deputy (how demeaning right?) and allow the bond between mama and cub to happen. I ensure the balance in the office is taken care of, working through lunch, forwarding calls to my cell phone when I don’t need to, taking work on a long trip during a family emergency. The little engine that could can and I do.

To further understand my sense of serving, my culture taught me that during a party you get up and clean or become a hostess. My culture taught me that when a family is in need you are the hand to hold. My culture taught me you give of yourself, selflessly. This weekend, even through depression and frustration, even through hurt and pain, I took care of those handsome boys because it filled my heart to do so. Taking care of them only reinforced my purpose. The life of a servant.

The world is always so busy fighting to see who will be at the top versus imposing their wills to get to the top with each other. Heck, even the Presidential nominees are busy throwing shade at each other. Our society today requires us to do what it takes to be better then the next person instead of blooming together. But, in reality our life should be an opportunity through love to serve one another (Galatians 5:13) and to come together to create a world where we want the next generation to be a proud of. Our life should be to offer a hand to the vet standing at the corner with a warm meal. Our life should be to assist the single mother as she struggles to corral her children and wheel the wagon of groceries to her car. Our life should be to see a mistake as just that, hope for the best, and root for greatness through love and forgiveness. Our life should be to love unconditionally – whether it is 1700 miles away or in the next room, and serve each person with that same love, dignity and respect.

A redemption arc is what I seek, for the wrong that I have caused. I want to be able to serve those I come into contact with. I want to give back, through loving actions and gifts. I am great at taking care of people, and through the next steps in my life that is what I seek to do. Redeeming all the bad by doing good. To help someone to grow that I may grow along side them, with a half heart or full, still overflowing with love. Mother Teresa said it best, in the end we will not be judged by our accomplishments. Rather, in the end we will be judged by the love we shared, the service we offered, the respect we tendered.

May my purpose reach you, strengthen you, motivate you, and befriend you today. xoxo