From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges



For The Love of…Summer

Technically summer started on June 21st. But, you know, tomatoes tamatoes. With summer comes Mr. Sun, new adventures, sun screen, tan lines and lots and lots of water. After what seemed like a forever and a day rainy season the... Continue Reading →

The Water Is Calling

It is summer. Officially like a week ago. And the PNW graced us with a "beautiful" gift this past weekend with sunny skies of 100 degrees plus. It was hot, hot, hot! But, welcomed after such a bizarre winter and... Continue Reading →

Still Winter

I watch the leaves fall down through my window. My sun pocket has withdrawn itself from me. The days are still long, winter still kisses my cheeks. Memories of happier days entice me once more, but alas, I know the... Continue Reading →

Holding On To Faith

I can't tell you why you're walking through this valley I can't tell you just how long you've gotta stay I can't tell you why your heart feels so unsettled or when this all will change But I can tell... Continue Reading →

Becoming A Warrior

Hike: Warrior Point Sauvie Island - Portland, OR Duration: 7 miles roundtrip Lately I've had this health fix. For years now I've always been concious of what I put in my body but lately it's been kicked up. Sometimes a... Continue Reading →

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