Being a part of my company can be very trying. When I first started I was excited. I was promised growth and the ability to give back to the community. Lo and behold what was promised to me was fanatically falsified. Instead, I struggle with the ever changing, advised in a few hours on that day sales hours or the fact that the apple doesn’t speak to the orange, like ever.

When I first started I had to let go of my team twice over. It was hard. It was rough. I worked days on end. People from the north came to help. But, I still had to be the one to find the team that was gonna turn my “broken office” into the office to beat. That required a lot of sacrifice from me which I was ok with because I’m a work horse (thanks mom) and because I was dedicated and committed with the belief the promises I was told upon hiring were attainable.

I did create the office to beat. With zeal. You see, I’m not a person who will take “the office is the scum of the company” or “your office is broken” lightly. I see those as challenges. They basically told me I failed before they even gave me a chance to turn it around. So, I proved them all wrong. What has my hard work done? Absolutely, positively nothing. The company uses the office managers as essentially assistant store managers. We are the extension of the store manager – even if quite honestly we know more and do more than the SM. Oh, and our rate of pay for that? Mediocre at best. In fact, in a given year, our office employees could easily make more money then we do. 

I know this sounds like a rant. It is to an extent. But, what I’m really getting at is sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them. We give and care so much because that is who we are and expect 100% of effort from our fellow human. As proven, that isn’t usually the case. Well, guess what? Thats okay. I know, I know, I know, I just spent a couple hundred words saying how much that sucks. It does. But, just because you care and give it your all doesn’t mean you stop when the human(s) you care and give it your all to are big jerks and don’t give a rats bum about you. I was told yesterday that caring as much as I do is a good quality to have. It makes the world better. Thinking about it, I believe it.

It’s a cruel, cruel world out there. Whether you are at work or not. You can walk through downtown and assist an elderly person carry their bags to their car and not get so much as a thank you (which is highly unlikely since that generation understands respect and appreciation). You can help a mother with four kids at a grocery store reach for something on the top shelf and watch as she grabs it from your hand and ushers the kids to the next listed item without a glance back. Or, you can be at your neighborhood Wincos and just be standing in line and be hit with a wagon and be told to go back to where ever you came from (yes, this did actually happen to me. Thank you ha’ole lady from Boise for teaching me first hand the meaning of racism). No matter where you are you will always feel under appreciated. But, guess what? You should never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit.

The saying you reap what you sow, that’s true. The saying karma is a b*tch, also true. I’m not saying allow people to mistreat you. Rather, turn the other cheek. Be the better person. Show them love and respect. Show them appreciation and worth. Are they still reacting negatively? Let them! At the end of the day it will be you sitting in your comfy favorite chair drinking coffee, or tea, or a bottle of alcohol enjoying the fact that you were humane and a good person. The person that was a douche? They can probably pretend they are happy. But, for how long? Somehow the universe always provides retribution to those people.

Just do good in the world. Even if its just something so small. Do good because you care and its okay that you do. Appreciate the little things. Be positive. Don’t let the crazies get you down because it isn’t worth it. I spent yesterday being Oscar the Grouch because I was feeling under appreciated and disrespected. I ruined my entire day because of that. Well, guess what? I was that person pretending to be happy. It would have been an easier night if I just turned the other cheek. Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Don’t stress over crap you can’t change. Be you. Be stronger. Live your life to its fullest and let the meanies of the world reap what they sow.

Just remember, how people treat you is their karma to bear. How you react becomes yours. Don’t let the negative karma hit you in your arse. I mean, if you need a good kick I can do that, with love of course. But, is it worth it? Because you care isn’t a bad thing. Be your own good karma.