Per my usual today I’m taking a short cut on my personal blog since we posted a blog to our Rising Dawn Mgmt page (thanks Bekah). Family Owned speaks about how important family is and why Hummingbird House means a lot to Bekah and I. Family is all I’ve got, and I can’t wait to build my family and to be able to love and accept those who walk into Hummingbird House.

I am a part of different families.

I have my immediate family. My mom is the matriarch that keeps us aligned and cohesive. Her grandchildren are the ones that bring us continuous meaning in a life that we sometimes take for granted or forget to be thankful for. I have a younger brother, the baby. I’ve enjoyed watching him become that man he needs to be for himself and for his family. My sisters, Jackie and Tiff, who together are double double toil and trouble but apart are just as crazy but easier to handle are woman that I admire.

I have my husband and the little family we have. Fourteen years strong, we continue to grow into the people we were meant to be and continue to learn about each other. The rough patches have strengthened our foundation and we continue to be committed to each other and our incredibly loving fur babies. This family will always be important to me because this family accepts every facet of me.

My extended family on both my side and his. Our extended families are large. But, without them, especially his family, I would not have what I have today. Life will often provide you gifts and treasures to get you through your day. His family? They’ve become those gifts. They have helped me find my footing with God and I will be forever grateful for that.

My work family. These people the last two years have seen every good and bad mood I could be in and still somehow think I’m sweet. I would fight for most as they would fight for me. I have seen many come and go to better their lives but still keep in touch. I care about these people because they proved no matter the circumstance they were always there.

And then there is the family that I have chosen, you know the ones that are a mixture of everyone above and the friends you have pledged your loyalty to because they have pledged theirs.

All of these families I am a part of is the reason my need to make the world a better place really came alive. The creation of Hummingbird House was to be a part of something that touched the lives of the next generation. A place where the youth knew that no matter what they weren’t being judged, they were being accepted as they are. I want Hummingbird House to be a place where it becomes a safe haven to all those who enter. A place where we become each other’s family, where we get to be a part of each other’s lives, encourage each other and become our own little group of weirdos at home.

You see, family isn’t always blood. Family is about the people who want you in their life. They are the ones that no matter who you are, what you’ve done, what you think or say, they accept you for you. Family is about doing anything for each other to make each other laugh, and smile, and feel loved. They love you no matter what. That is what I want at Hummingbird House. That is what I strive for in life. To find my tribe, love them hard and let them know no matter what there is someone who is very loud and proud to cheer them on.

Today, I encourage you to find your tribe. Find the people who will offer themselves wholeheartedly as a friend and confidant. Find the people who will walk with you through the highs and the lows, the fear and the mess. And then be that kind of person to them. That’s all any of us can do. I encourage you today to find people who will allow you to be strong but also make it known that you can equally count on them when being strong isn’t an option. Find people to place in your life who support you, uplift you, comfort you and bring happiness to your soul. These people will become your family. Your real family. Family forever, for always, no matter what.

I have a lot of different families. All equally important. And I thank them for helping me be who I am today. I love them all for how they have impacted the person I have become. But, to the ones who have loved me during my unlovable phase, the ones who have loved me while I found myself, thank you. You are truly my favorites.

Don’t forget to tell your favorite people that you love them today.