I’ve come to realize clarity is an essential part of life. Of growing up. Of growing out. Of growing to be you. If you aren’t sure of who you are, what you are, what you want, what you need nothing will ever happen. Nothing will ever be resolved. You have to be clear on the path and confident on your decision and vision in your life to have things happen. 

Clarity has become something that I’ve been seeking on everything lately. My woosa’s, my clarity breaks, my batmans have become almost go to when I literally want to erase the stress and frustration of whatever is going on in my life at that very moment. When my employee is just all kinds of stup…crazy? Clarity break. When my dog brings mud in the house? Woosa. When all else fails? Batman. Clarity for me usually includes just finding my zen in general. Reading. Cooking. Playing basketball. Writing. Drawing. Music. Asking my coonhound for a hug – and yes, he does in fact give me a hug. 

Lately there has been a lot of things going on. I’m trying to find the balance between work, home, and building my business.  Building my business is hard work. Like, I always knew that. But, man, this stuff is exhausting! And at work, well I have a crazy manager that seems to enjoy making my region a living hell. 

I won’t lie and tell you that this last few months has been a world wind of emotions causing me a need for a giant clarity break. As I sit here at the airport waiting for my flight to be called I know while I’m traveling in business, a week away will do me some good. Realign my stars and such, you know? I’m weary from the last month of work and emotions. I’m wary of finding myself in an empty hotel room with nothing but my thoughts to entertain me. That will only spell trouble. 

As I sit here waiting for the plane I realize that this batman is needed. On so many different levels of my life. And that, that is what scares me. The fact that I’ll have time to face and focus on things has already exhausted me. Can I keep pushing myself to these extremes? Can I keep denying I need a break? All I know is finding my clarity is coming. Scary as it is. Scary because there is nothing as intensely persevering as that very moment of clarity when you suddenly see what is possible for you.