While I’m a loner I hate being alone. I can count on one hand the people I can actually constantly be around. And as I sit here realizing for the next week I have to share a hotel room with the ghosts I suddenly miss my favorite people.

My favorite people are my caramel macciatos of life. My go to coffee runs when I need a pick me up. They are the balance between the coffee and caramel. They are the sweetness and consistency of the last sip. They make you do the happy dance with excitement as you know that they are always there for you – even when you’re stubborn like me and you think you don’t need them. My coffee handlers just know how to add fun and sunshine to the mix. I so miss my favorite people. 

So, to be corny because I’m lonely and incredibly bored and because I read this great article and wanted to follow suit. To my favorite I promise you…

  1. I’ll fight to push you out of your comfort zone because you would do the same for me.
  2. Imma laugh when you trip over your own two feet because you ALWAYS laugh at how incredibly clumsy I am. Btw, not cool.
  3. I will challenge you to make you want more. Reach more. Love more. Be more. Because I believe you can be absolutely amazing.
  4. I will guard our “pinky” promises to the death and even then because I know you won’t share that one time.
  5. I’ll support you no matter what your decision is – right or wrong. Just know, if I think it’s wrong I’ll be sure to tell you that.
  6. I can’t fix all your problems but I won’t let you face them alone. Which means you can call me any day or night.
  7. I’ll go wherever you may go because I have your back. Your hand. Your wing man even if I’m not good at it. Your confidant, guinea pig, and stalker friend.
  8. I’ll be your    \m/    when you are at the bar as you get hit on by an ugly guy
  9. I will love you unconditionally even if you do stupid things. Because, I’ve done stupid things too.
  10. I will go on an adventure with you as long as that entails both coffee and ice cream.
  11. To make you live fearlessly and help you always be you and nothing else. I want you to express who you are, because I don’t want anything different.
  12. To never promise you that things will be all right because I don’t know if they ever will. 
  13. To let you run away and lose yourself, or find yourself, but not let you get so far that you forget where you belong.
  14. I will love you unconditionally because I love deep and want only the best for you and to protect you from hurt and pain.
  15. To sing just as loudly as you or as ridiculous as you in the car because that’s how we roll.
  16. To send you stupid nerdy text messages about random thoughts, funnies, puppies and food cravings and continue to text even though you aren’t answering me.
  17. To be fully committed to being exercise partners because we totally want to be healthy and in shape until we change our mind.
  18. To always have a “what’s mine is yours” policy about everything because I don’t like to share but I will share with you.
  19. To judge your ex’s new girlfriend or the almost because like she’s really a donkey face butt munch.
  20. To bail you out of jail – but for serious we’ll probably need someone else to do that because I’ll probably be in the next cell with you #dreamteam.

I love my coffee handler. You will always be my bestie. For better or for worse. You’re kinda stuck with me. Sorry not sorry. Pinky promise, and I keep mine.