Day 9: You’re sexy and you know it.

My favorite type of girls night is when we get dolled up and are comfortable with who we are and go out. These nights aren’t very often since my friends and I are usually ok just staying at home, hanging out, watching some kind of sappy chick flick and possibly vegging. On these nights it’s exciting because it’s almost as if I can pretend to be someone I’m not. Or at least, pretend to be okay with who I am and go out on the town.

As a strong woman, you need to be comfortable in your own skin. I know sometimes that is easier said then done considering many of us have a hard time thinking we deserve happiness, or we are beautiful, or we are even worth something. But, listen here, the more comfortable we are in our own skins the more attractive to the world we become. I’m going to tell you this from experience, when you are comfortable in your own skin there is this regal air about you that draws the attention to you. And no, it isn’t a cock air. It isn’t a bitchy air. No. It screams “I am a woman who loves myself as I am” and nothing is more important in stopping a room then that. If looks could kill it would be a woman with the confidence of being her.

As a strong woman people confuse you as being a director, a CEO, a upper echelon person because you exude the self-assurance of these people. You dress the part because even if you are the assistant to a floor manager, you know where you want to go, where you belong, and you have the confidence to get there. Strut your stuff girl! Hold your head high, walk in those stilettos and show the people that you can do your job and the job of the people two or three levels higher than you in grace and humility. Remember those words: grace and humility. A strong woman will be a powerhouse as she radiates confidence in herself with grace and humility.

Be you. Be proud. You got this. Show them who is boss and work your sexy self in confidence. But, above all else be graceful and humble. You can do it.