I don’t get to see my family a lot. Mainly now because I’m just too lazy over the weekend to drive the 45 minutes to do so. Mainly because traffic going to and from sucks balls unless you go completely around through the 205. I don’t get to see my family often but that doesn’t stop us from letting each other know that we are always there.

Today, 28 years ago, my mom blessed me with a little brother. The youngest and only boy in the family made him turn out to be a spoiled little one. But, that never changed the fact that he was my brother. Through thick or thin “Braddah” – as we affectionately call him – was always there. 

There have been so many memories these last 28 years:

  • The time he fell out of the station wagon when we were delivering news paper.
  • That time when I cracked the egg over his head at Easter because I wanted to be a cool kid and quite honestly I was too scared to crack it over my sisters.
  • I remember crashing a pool stick across his back because he called me a b – sorry Braddah, I definitely was!
  • All those times we went off roading with our dad taking in all the beaches.
  • And now that we are older our “deep” conversations of simplistic life and how we see it and what we want in life.

There are so many different memories I could share with the universe about my little big brother. But, the most important thing I wanted to share with the universe is how incredibly proud I am of him.

Braddah, life hasn’t been easy for you. Life hasn’t gone the way you planned. You’ve had to do things, be things, you never thought you’d ever be. But, you should never be ashamed of that. What you’ve done to continue to grow has built character. Has chiseled the rough exterior. Has smoothed out the wrinkles. What you are enduring is only to prove how strong and truly amazing you are. Just remember, you aren’t alone and you don’t have to do it alone.

Today and always my dear brother, I am incredibly proud to be your “lil” sister. I wouldn’t have it any other way. With all my love, Happy Birthday Russell Jr.