Yesterday was the Day of National Prayer. I wanted to write so many things yesterday: of being thankful, of love, of God’s grace, of family and friends, of finding home with the sound of the waves. Too many ideas that were never turned to fruition simply because yesterday I took time out to rest my mind, my soul, my heart. I drove up to the Oregon coast for some much needed R&R with amazing people. And as I took a walk on the beach it seemed like by just basking in the beauty of nature, of God’s simple artisty, I was being made whole.

There is nothing more peaceful then having a beach view, watching the sunset over the horizon, fall asleep to the crashing of actual waves, and waking up to those very waves. It is in those waves that I realize that I cannot do it on my own. It is the sand in my toes, the seagulls splashing in the water, the kids flying their kites that make me realize my strength is not my own. It is the small walk through town, the laughs of the other woman, the bonfires at night that make me realize that all the doubts in my mind can be simply won by falling on my knees and letting it go.

It has been a while since I have written anything meaningful or motivational. Lately my blogs have been more just me, my mind trying to sort what is reality and what isn’t. So, today, on the first full day listening to the sounds of the ocean my goal is to realize who He is, who I am, and finding my balance again, finding my happy.

Stuff gets you down in life. Christian or not. Whether you believe in God or not. When life turns your sun into a storm, when it turns your smile to tears, when it turns the fulness of your heart into shattered pieces, be made strong by the simplicity of God’s creation. Take a drive to the beach to have the sun cover you in it’s rays. Take a drive up the mountain to see the massive oak tree that grew from a single acorn. Listen to the laughter of children in the playground as they play tag or make pretend. What ever you do, don’t give up on your battle.

Today, as your wake to the familiarities of your home remember that through every storm you don’t stand alone, even when you feel like you are. You have people out there who want to see you happy, to succeed, to be in love, to cheer you on. They are there to make you laugh when you need it. Let you cry when your body needs the release. Kick you off your high horse when you need it. But, most importantly to support and hold you when all else fails.

The most important thing for me through my struggles is knowing that God will pull me out of my darkness when I take hold of His hand. And when I can’t, I come to places like Cannon Beach to feel, to be reminded, that I am made strong from His strength and through it all I can do all things. Through my faith I will find my happy. I will find the balance between me and life. I will find the balance between my dreams and who I should be.

I hope, lovlies, that you find that balance too. Find the thing that keeps you grounded and let it ground you. Let it take all of your hurt and pain. Let it dry your tears and hold your hand. And if you can’t figure out what does that know that people, like me, stand with you rooting you on. Be made strong by our strength, and our love for you, then take off.

Enjoy the sunshine. xoxo