We honored woman during our retreat this weekend. And today I honor and love three amazing women who love their children unconditionally.

Manang, God has provided you the desires of your heart. You have a beautiful little girl who clearly adores you at only three months old. At the end of the month you will dedicate her life as not her own but as a special piece in God’s plan. May you honor that plan, love your daughter, and rear her up to be as loving and kind hearted as you. As you and Jason work together to raise such a beautiful girl may you remember to praise and thank God for all the glory.

Tita, I remember being so fearful when I found out you were pregnant. Though we weren’t close I knew how dangerous growing a life in you was considering your health conditions. I prayed every day for you. And now, through it all you and Nia have come through it with a strength that blesses those around you. I love the relationship you have with her, I can only dream of having a Gilmore-esque relationship with my own daughter. You are an amazing mother and it has been such a blessing to watch you and Nia grow together.

Mommy, words cannot express the gratitude and love I have for you. Always my biggest cheerleader I cannot fathom my life without you. Even through my darkest times you were always there. You are always quick to pray for God’s strength and you would not believe how important those prayers have been for me. It is your love, your prayers, that often times help me make it through the day. Today, I want to thank you for sacrificing so much for your children. Thank you for never giving up on us. Thank you for loving so deeply. I love you with all of my heart for everything I am you helped me to be. Thank you.

For all the other mothers I know – and don’t – if I could personally write how incredibly special you are to your children I would. But, there is no time, or enough words to truly express their gratitude. I once read that being a mother is about learning about strength you didn’t know you had and learning to deal with fear you never knew existed. May you continue to find strength to love your beautiful children and peace to qualm those fears.

A special prayer goes out to all the women struggling with infertility, miscarriage, and infant loss this Mother’s Day. Believe me, I know you hurt on this Mother’s Day. I know that you are struggling. If I could take that pain away I would. I don’t think we will ever get over great losses but I do know that these losses mold us into kinder, gentler creatures who love with abundance. It will not always be this way. Let your faith be bigger than your fear. Hold on to hope. It is on Mother’s Day that I cannot think of anyone who deserves appreciaton and respect more than those who had to give a child back. My love and prayers to you ladies. You are stronger than you know. You have permission to feel today, and always.

Happy Mother’s Day to you mothers. xoxo