To all the fathers out there. To the fathers of soldiers. To the fathers of teenagers. To the fathers of grown adults. To the fatherless. To the fathers of patience. To the fathers of laughter. To the fathers of hope. To the fathers of angels. To the fathers of love. Today is your day. 

Mothers are often remembered
For the lives of their children
To often we forget the fathers
Who’s selves are also bidden.

The fathers who provide for their family
We often need to remember
As they sink behind the curtains
In favor of their wife’s pleasure.
Fathers who teach their young
And raise them to respect
Who live their lives as examples
Their humbled love how it affects.

The fathers who are single
We often forget their sacrifice.
As they struggle to be mom and dad
We often don’t know their price.
Fathers who are present at teacher conferences
To support their child’s mind.
Who provokes their child’s aptitude
And to authenticate the world is not unkind.

The fathers who have angel babies
Who suffer impotence in silence
Who suffer a companion’s depression
Fighting the storm of hurt in defiance.
Who remember the pain of their spouse
After every maybe, what if, and possibility
Who feels every loss and the helplessness
And the hurt of infertility.

The fathers who have passed away
We often reminisce their memory
Of the many lessons they have taught
Held up in our minds treasury.
The fathers who have made us laugh
At the jokes that were never amusing
Who snuck us a chocolate after dinner
Who through it all was always unassuming.

The fathers who have outlived their young
Who’ve had to deal with the loss
To shoulder the family’s burden and pain
Who’ve had to bear that unfortunate cross.
The husband who has a soddened shoulder
With the weight of their wife’s tears.
Who will push his other young ones
To provoke healing through the years.

No matter the type of father
They are celebrated today
We thank you for your tender love
And being our strength, our mainstay.

To my dad who gets to spend today with my angel babies, I love and miss you. Thank you for always loving me and supporting me when no one else did. Daddy, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t wish I told you I love you one more time, or that I miss you, or even hello. I took for granted the time we had left and I’m sorry. Happy Father’s Day old man.

Happy Father’s Day to my step dad. Ernie, for years you have stood by mommy’s side and put up with all the crazy that is associated with doing so. It hasn’t been easy by far for you but you continue to be patient and resilient and most of all continue to love my mom. Thank you for loving her, for cherishing her, for supporting her.

Being the father of my angel babies has not been easy. You have had to steady our home through bouts of anger, sadness, loss, aimless desperation, and depression. And today, my dear husband, I honor you. The road has not been easy but we have been through enough to know that no matter how hard the going gets God sees us through. Thank you for loving me, for never giving up, for never walking away. Thank you for being willing to listen, to change, to be patient. Happy, happy Father’s Day.

To all you fathers out there, may you be celebrated on this special day. May you be showered with love and thankfulness for all that you do. xoxo