It’s like drowning but with no water.
No matter how hard.
No matter how fast.
You are still a broken daughter.

Shattered into tiny diamonds.
Piece by piece.
Sharp as knives.
Left with the unnaturally, unwanted silence

So fragile at the thought of the action and lie
Questions arise
Naive in thought
What did I do wrong to have him choose goodbye

Banter, laughter, ourselves the rightness to be
Walls down
Best versions
Realness for each other, trust, should have been marquee

So right and pure it was taken for granted
By both parties
No longer alive
Lies have left them broken and empty handed

Entered into to find a way of stability and release
For communication
Yet unmet
Because of protection, the coward policed

Broken by the inability to speak due to anger
Late night drinking
Unconscious actions
Leaves what could have been broken, unanchored

Flowing hot and freely at the thought of the pain
Hearing his name
Thinking of memories
Darkened depression has left the heart sprained

Will go on as it does but in two separate ways
One in the heat
One in the rain
As the sun sets on their love in a fiery blaze