Calm Before The Storm

The rain has begun to fall
As it does before the storm
The wind carries its scent
As the temperature begins to warm.

The birds begin to look for shelter
As they begin to feel the current.
The dogs begin to whine into the sky
As they feel the storms burden.

There is a stillness to the trees
As they brace for what is to come
The anxiety of the storms touchdown
Brings a city to a hum

The calm before the storm
Is always oh so eerie
The landscape becomes stark
The world looks dark and weary.

The clouds begin to roll in
As people board their windows
The lightning sparks the sky
The ocean begins to billow.

The rain falls harder now
The earth’s heart begins to drum
Bracing for the aftershock
From the storm that is to come.

Precautions have been taken
But the storm seems stronger now
The only think left to do
Is to take shelter from it somehow

May the odds be ever for you
When the storm begins to shift
When the thunder is right above
May the storm be short and swift.

For I know when it hits
It will be hard to stand
But standing is all that’s left
When the storm interrupts whats planned

The shaking of the house will stop
The air will draw its breath
The foundation will once again settle
You’ll be able to see through the mess.

Stay steady for dawn will come
Even when the storm beats at your door
The horizon will be lightened
When the storm washes from shore.



Deep within me I know my strength will hold me. Deep within me I know God holds my hand. But, sometimes the fuel in my tank can become so low that its like watching from your window the makings of a storm.

I can feel the hands of the storm brush my skin telling me to let go. I can hear the storm’s laughter enticing me to break. I can see the flash of light disappear in the dark. I can taste the salty rain beating on my face. I can smell my world shift its feet into the ground as it prepares to do battle.

Then I remember, storm or not, I’ve been here before. Right before a breakdown, right before a breakthrough. That gentle line, being straddled, waiting for me to make the decision. The good and evil angel throwing out reasons to step left or right. The fight to ignore their bickering to listen to my heart.

And that is when I remember that I know I am tired. I know that emotionally I’m drained. Physically I’m exhausted. But, I have to keep going. I have to keep fighting for the life I want. I’m in charge of my own destiny even if my demons quietly wreck havoc. As long as there is the tiniest and wildest bit of chance, I can’t give up. Neither should you.

I’m fighting for my fairytale because I know it does exist. xoxo