I can’t believe it is February. I swear to you it was just July of 2016. But, here we are already saying goodbye to January 2017. As I sit here baffled at the month’s end I’m trying to find a way to launch into the rest of the next 11 months. I know that there is so much to accomplish and do this year. And yet, tonight, I sit here fighting the worst my asthma has been in years and I think its because of anxiety.

Here is the funny thing about anxiety: no one really knows what causes it. I mean, sure there are the lists of reasons:

  1. Mental condition
  2. Physical condition
  3. The effects of drugs
  4. Combination of any of all of the above

But, that’s like saying everything causes cancer. Which, by the way, is also truth.

Then the medical professionals try to break it down even more with another list:

  1. Panic disorders
  2. Generalized anxiety disorder (which is still ANXIETY people!)
  3. Phobic disorders
  4. Stress disorders (basically, you can’t be orderly)
  5. Stress at work (it’s not enough to have stress disorders causing your anxiety)
  6. Stress from school
  7. Stress in a personal relationship
  8. Financial stress (apparently Drs need to clarify the types of stress)
  9. Stress from an emotional trauma
  10. Stress from a serious medical illness
  11. Side effect of medication
  12. Use of an illicit drug
  13. Symptom of a medical illness (not to be taken as stress from a serious medical illness, because you know, just symptoms)

Phew! Thanks doc for the clarification. So, if I’m understanding your diagnosis right, life is the cause of my anxiety. Great. I’m a winner here. I would never have known that my anxiety has anxieties.

Okay, all sarcasm aside, I know anxiety can be pretty serious. There is 6 distinct anxieties. Anxiety can cause mental, physical, and emotional stresses. It isn’t in your head. It causes dizziness, shortness of breath (hello asthmatic symptoms). Over 21 million Americans have to deal with anxiety and it isn’t fun. But, there are ways to combat anxiety. There are ways to fight. There are ways to win.

Trust me I know way too much about anxiety. Anxiety has come into play recently without the usual factors. I’m about to stand in front of a group of people. I’m about to walk into the mall. I’m in the throngs of people in downtown Portland. Instead the anxiety comes from other avenues. Knocks. Car doors. Smells. And my way to get through it? Here’s my list.

  1. Watch cute adorable animal videos like this one, or this one. Seriously, because laughing is the best medicine.
  2. Netflix and Ch…ow down. My faves: Gilmore Girls (I’m afraid that once your heart’s involved, it all comes out in moron.) Supernatural (Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.) and Scandal (I’m not a toy you can play with.) And sprinkled with laulau, ice cream and rice.
  3. Write. Look for word prompts here if you need it.
  4. Do something active, you know for the pent up energy. Basketball is my go to. Or football trucking someone.
  5. Listen to music. My favorite song that calms me is How Great Thou Art.
  6. Have some sexy time. Oh yeah, you’re welcome.
  7. Take something. Not the anti-anxiety ones. Interpret it as you want.

There can be reasons for the cause of anxiety. There could be reasons for the reasons. Whatever the reason, anxiety is real, it sucks, comes whenever it wants to. And while I have anxiety, anxiety doesn’t have me. There are days to win.

Ok voices I will not resist it, which option do I choose from my list? xoxo