From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges




My story isn't complicated and yet it has so much twists and turns. Some days I wish the twists and turns would in fact be linear. Wishful thinking.  This poem was written about the start of a relationship. A relationship... Continue Reading →


Can I just say that words are incredibly powerful? So powerful that they can build you up or tear you down. Words can put life into a person who loses hope. Words can also crumble a steady foundation. The best... Continue Reading →


Sometimes goodbye is just a place mark in time. A time where paths are separated for a short season. And then, other times, goodbyes are the end of a chapter, end of a story, end of a lifetime. And it... Continue Reading →


I was once told that everyone has a chapter that they don't read out loud. The only thing that I can say to that is #truth. Something will always be unfinished. Always. But, choosing happy is the best thing now. Quiet... Continue Reading →

She Is

It has been a very eventful weekend. I couldn't sleep tonight for many reasons. And so instead I returned home to write. I can't tell you it makes sense. Or that it's even good. Whatever it is, it is. Sometimes I... Continue Reading →


Some series of events have led to once again a time where anxiety and fear has crippled me. 02/01-2/12. Those days can't come soon enough. Or end even faster. I remember a time those feelings weren't associated here. Or ever.... Continue Reading →

Unsettled Heart

It has been a day. A week. I've been trying to shake depression off. It has been a while since I've really been affected. During the holidays it was a little hard but I was able to shake it off.... Continue Reading →

Unsettled Heart

How often do you put up a front in order to protect yourself or the people around you? I do that often. I put up a front so people don't know how much something bothers me. Well, I sat down... Continue Reading →

Teardrop Storyteller

My body has become accustomed to waking up at 4a. This morning it told me I had to go to the bathroom and it wasn't willing to wait. I tried for a few minutes to refuse its relief but realized... Continue Reading →

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