How goes your week? My week didn’t start out cosi grande.

There was a heaviness to my Monday. The office seemed a little on edge. It was a rough Monday for me because I lost a file that needed to get to legal during our move. I was down in the dumps.

Then Tuesday happened. I take the pups out before I head to work. It started like every other morning. I got ready. Leashed Baxter and opened the door. Baxter and I were waiting for Buster when a dog fight broke out. The neighbor’s dog decided to attack my Jack Russell. It was a stressful day. I stayed home from work to take care of the little one. I couldn’t deal.

I was afraid two bad days in a row would send me in a bout. Depression can be so fickle sometimes. Some days you can see the triggers, other days its a whammy and knocks you on your tush. I didn’t know which it would be but one thing I knew was that I wasn’t ready for my dog bite. I made a promise to myself that I would be better, do better, stay positive. I don’t make promises I can’t keep and I sure as heck wasn’t about to start.

I woke up this morning with that mindset. I wanted to stay positive. As I headed to work I listened to some of my favorite worship songs to keep my heart light. When I reached work I was determined to rock it. And I did. And it showed. I went to get coffee while I was running errands for work and I was hit on, I think at least. I suck severely when it comes to knowing if someone is flirting but having an “amazing smile” is nice to know. I was told that I was “radiating today” which I have no clue what it means but I’m down with being a sunshine. I was even complimented on how good the color royal blue looked on me. And the best part of my Wednesday? Hanging out with some awesome preschoolers for a few hours. I look forward to my Wednesday nights with the Rainbows because as tiring as they make me at the end of the night they rejuvenate me.

This long post is brought to you by the power of positive thinking. I’m totally serious, too. After the start of my week I could have allowed all the bad things to keep ruining my week. Instead, I choose to select my thoughts just the way I select my clothes – with careful consideration. I didn’t allow the bad to consume my mind and in turn I didn’t allow it to consume my life. I wasn’t going to allow life to bite me in my rear end. I had decided today that nothing was going to stop me from having a good day. And guess what? Nothing did.

Believe that something amazing is going to happen and it will. xoxo