I don’t know if I know anyone who likes change. I sure as heck don’t. But change is a must in order to find who you are and where your lot in life is. There is so much change in my life that I have already lost touch with a couple people I used to be. The change was for the good because it didn’t matter who I was it only mattered who I have become. 

There are only two reasons people change: their minds have opened up or their hearts have been broken. I have had the luxury of being honored by both an open mind and a broken heart.

I opened my mind up when I moved away from home, from what is familiar. Moving away from familiar allowed me to know my dreams and passions because I didn’t have the compulsion to lean on someone else. I was obligated to stand on my own two feet.

Moving away from familiar has opened up new worlds for me. Professionally I have networked with people who I can depend on and can provide sound advice when needed. I have become a force to be wreckened with (I hope that’s not being conceited) at work. I am given responsibilities that would otherwise not be given to an OM. I am entrusted with trainings and assisting in opening stores. I am leaned on because I know my stuff. It has continued to be an amazing ride as I find my voice in the company and the footing in the door to be someone to make a difference.

Personally I have been able to understand my temperament and find the me I want to be. I have shared how my broken heart has changed me the last two years. I don’t think y’all need to be elaborated on that but listen, the changes that have occurred was for the good.

Change, whether I like it or not, is probably for the best. I may not like how it happened. Or why it happened. Or even the circumstances leading up to the changes. But maybe, just maybe, it was what was needed for me to be my be all person I need to be for myself. Maybe it was needed so the person I was could be ok with the person I am?

Either way it’s ok to change. My mom once told me to not allow anyone to dictate the person I’m destined to be. I’m reinventing that. Never allow your circumstances to dictate the person you are destined to be. Accept and embrace your change because it is then the magic happens.