Day 11: You’re strong and independent, yet soft, sensitive, and intuitive.

I’ve said it so many times through my blogs that I love deep. Over the years I have had to learn how to depend on myself and understand the discernments of life. I’ve held myself to a higher standard because thats the only way I could see me being an example to anyone. This also helps me get through the path that I have carved for myself in life.

Loving deeply also makes me sensitive to what is going on around me. I can easily sense the emotions of those around me. My moods often times will be affected by the people around me. Even simple things – like Hallmark Channel commercials – can make me cry. I usually trust my gut and speak the brutally honest truth. I use my intuition to my advantage because it serves a purpose.

I am a fighter. I’m tough because I have had to be. As a strong woman I need to be. I think most of it is because I am incredibly stubborn. More stubborn than a mule. But, listen, you can’t be a strong woman without being stubborn. Without being tough and being a fighter. And I stand tall being a fighter. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I wasn’t.

A strong woman knows the balance between being a lover and a fighter. The woman who doesn’t require someone to be their hero, rather, they become their own. I am a girl and I am a fighter. I am a girl and I am a lover. Just remember, the beginning will always be tough. But, when you get in it, when your feet become wet, when you are in the trenches, that is when you become unstoppable. Be unstoppable. I know I will be.