I lie awake with agonizing heartache,
Not for myself but for you who share this.
Dear friend, I know the feeling of such loss
And the heaviness of losing your beautiful gift.
I wish I had the words to console you,
The words that would take the hurt away.
To shield you from the sadness of the circumstance
And to keep the darkness at bay.

With every breath you took you felt baby grow.
Softly singing lullabies with the beat of your hearts’ drum.
Cradling and sheltering him from unknown harm,
Tenderly your act of love providing a soothing hum.

Baby has only known love, the tenderness in your voices,
The laughter and gaiety of the night’s close.
He knows music of your hearts, your minds and souls.
The pure love of family will dismantle obscurity in all the shadows.

My love, sometimes all you can do is smile through this
And thank those who offer you their heart.
Sometimes all you can do is take a breath alone
To wish the pain would not leave a mark.
It is nearly impossible to create the words settling in your heart.
I can’t tell you not to cry, to not to shed a tear
For I have filled my buckets with similar pain.
But my darling friend, you’re not alone, although the plan may not seem clear.

I’m so far away but I feel your courage within your faith
You will be able to withstand this weather.
Your arms are not empty no matter the circumstance
A mother you shall be forever.

I stand beside you today. Sisters, cousins, friends.
I’m right here, loving you louder today.
There are no actual answers to survive
But a simple, still small voice saying it will be ok.
His strength will be sufficient, His love enough.
As He holds you in His arms, a Father’s care.
It is an unsettling feeling, what you are going through.
He carries you, your burdens He bares.

Baby tiptoed silently into your hearts
And carved out an imprint of adoration.
Now he is in the trees swaying in the wind
Leaving soft kisses on your hand from the morning’s condensation.
Find comfort in the shooting stars,
The sun and the crashing waves.
Find comfort in the evening glow
In the coquis and crickets in the caves.
For all the beauty that God has bestowed
Can comfort a heart in pain.
Your baby is in those very beauties,
Whistling and calling your name.
When all is said and done my friend
He will be waiting for you two at the gate
You will get to be together again
Although you may have a little wait.

My darling friend it’s okay to be sad,
Your feelings you need not explain.
Just know that you are not alone,
We understand your pain.
Near or far, no matter the distance
Our prayers for your relief
May God bless you with the desire of your heart
And to heal your loss and grief.