You’re awakened in the darkness of night.
Panting at what you can remember,
The dream has caught you in despair.
Memories barrage you as they turn into ember.

You listen to the dead of silence;
Trying to steady your thumping heart.
Wondering if the mistakes you’ve made
Is causing you to fall apart.

Then you remember the graze on your temple. The sweet caress on your arm.
The smile that radiated your eyes. The soothing song that followed the charm.

You cry in the dark for the memories to leave,
Begging for the breaking of dawn.
The good can’t overshadow the darkness.
There is nothing left, your heart has been trampled on.

Agitated you fall heavily into slumber
As the dream continues to forge ahead.
You hear the rustling of the wind, the sun burning your skin.
The taunting of darkness, the bloodshed.

Then you remember the constant laughter. The embracing of hands.
The skipping of rocks, your feet in the sand.

Again with a start you awaken.
The chill has reached deep into your bones.
You hear the whisperings of, “I told you so.”
As you can see the endless fall, the endless unknown.

It’s not what you’ve asked for,
The memories of those days of enchantment.
The flashback of those soft touch of the lips
Has made your heart quicken, has made it so frantic.

Suddenly you can hear the calming waves; taking you back to where you belong.
A peace settles in your heart, begging you to be steady, to be strong.

You reach out in the dark for the hand that you hold
You reach for him who nestles you tenderly.
His breathing and rhythm of his heartbeat,
His constant love keeps your feet planted steadily.

Your past you won’t lie, frightens you so.
The emotions so strong, the love so familiar.
It causes you to hold your breath, to feel for a pulse
To plea, to stifle the always present shiver.

The miles have been mapped, the distance a reminder:
Not all love is perfect. But your future is brighter.

You wish for the sunset to finally take place,
On the once was and cannot be.
The dreams they have come and they have gone.
Taken out by the waves of the crashing sea.

You can’t let it get to you, no matter how hot the fire.
Keep your distance, the heat will scorch you.
Fall in love with what stands before your eyes
There is a reason your past is in your rearview.

Breathe steady, be still, the morning will come and the sun will rise.
I promise the dreams will cease and dawn will enlighten your skies.