To The Hurting Heart,

I know you don’t know if the pain will go away. You need to know you chose life and that will always be the right path. Nothing was a mistake. Everything is a learning opportunity, a lesson of growth, a battle to toughen the scars.You are not at fault for the black and blue, for the possessiveness, for the obsession, for the lies or the tears. You are not at fault for the shot to the heart that shattered “the perfect life.” Nor are you at fault for the heat of the moment. You may have made mistakes. You may have had the opportunity to not start the path, or to carve out something else. But, that doesn’t mean you deserved what was given to you at the end. That doesn’t mean the fear and doubt should weigh you down so heavily.

I know I can’t tell you to hide yourself, to shield yourself from love. You, dear heart, are so full of love that it would kill you if you couldn’t hug a hurting soul, sing a touching ballad, to hold a scorched hand. It would kill you if you could not touch the world and make a change. I can’t tell you to build your walls – although we know it will happen – to protect yourself. It was okay to love. It was magical. It was amazing. It was youthful. That heart, in the beginning, was what you needed. And, that heart needed you as much as you needed it. Growth was done. For yourself and together. Don’t regret the moment where two souls connected, because it was in that moment you found yourself.

Oh hurting heart, don’t doubt the capacity of your love. Don’t struggle to unlove. Don’t be afraid to give who you are to the world. It is through your love the radiance of your beauty will be fully on display.

To The Harming Heart,

You did give her love. You cherished her. You gazed into her eyes the very first night and provided her what she needed – a friend to talk to, a confidant, someone who could engage with her rapid thought process. You made her laugh when she had nothing to laugh about. You made her dream when she was living a nightmare. You unsheltered her when she was being coddled. You gave her another chance at love, a family, of everything she wanted when she was giving up on everything she’s ever known.

Now, now you have proved to be the wrong heart. You brushed darkness over her face causing her to cower in corners. You minced her heart as you accidentally on purpose used the education provided to you to leave doubt and mistrust in her life. You have proven every loving and tender promise you showered her in the beginning were merely words. Words like the foreign ones you used to weaken her knees. With your mind you have caused her to shower her gaze throughout the crowd to ensure she is safe in her public surroundings. Your gifts meant to show her adoration now only cause anxiousness and distress.

Oh harming heart, seek the counsel of the wise instead of the counsel of revenge and bondage. You are more than what you have become. The gloomy obscurity of your life can be washed by the sunshine if allowed.

To The Healing Heart,

You stood there waiting. You had your faults. Your weaknesses. Your judgments. In the beginning you refused to be different because the comfort level was disagreeable. You fought to love a heart that was changing. You couldn’t relate to the change out of pure determination for stagnation. You watched the heart you have adored walk away in anger and malice. You begged for what once was refusing to grow together. You watched her heart become strong, womanly, tender and vigorous in her pursuit of maturation. You dug your heals into the ground in the midst of losing the other half of your heart.

Her hurting heart knew it could only start healing with your half of your heart. She came to you with humbleness. She came to you knowing that the two of you still did not see eye to eye but willing to wait for you to catch up. She believed because of the naysayers you’d give up knowing the harming heart had a hold of her. But, you didn’t. You saw her fall on her knees begging for forgiveness. Instead of taking advantage of her meekness, instead of showing dominance, you fell on your knees and held on. You accepted her faults as she accepted yours and together started a healing process.

Oh healing heart, you saw her pain and accepted what is. You saw the past and accepted what was. You saw the future and have the faith to accept what will be. Now, grow together.