Last year on this day I did a 30 day blog. It was the day after celebrating the one year mark of losing my baby. I have decided to do it biannually. Once in July and once in February. My depression tends to win more battles during those months then any other months of the year. So, in an effort to keep pushing when the only thing I can do is stand, I will have these blog blasts. Hope y’all don’t mind.

So here is to Day 2 – We rise by lifting others. Robert Ingersoll

I was a junior police officer in elementary. I think it was the first time that I realized I wanted to be a Police Officer turn FBI Agent when I grew up. Not even my family members who were Police Officers could steer my head to wear blue. It was the moment that a fifth grader who normally doesn’t get to use the white lieutenant helmet was honored to me.

Back in those days my school, Honowai Elementary, had JPOs which ranked from officers, sergeants, lieutenants and captains. Fifth graders could earn up to sergeants. Whereas sixth graders could hold the prestigious titles of lieutenants and captains. In fifth grade two lieutenant positions opened up and none of the sixth graders applied for it. So with great deliberation they opened up to the lowly fifth graders.

Even back then I was a competitor. I had to excel in everything I did or I failed.

As a fifth grader I completed the application, turned in my essay, and was crowned a fifth grade lieutenant. Suddenly I held the crossing pole. I owned a silver whistle. I helped make the JPO schedules. And then I realized I was making a difference, I was keeping people safe, I was doing my civic duty. Okay, I didn’t think that deep. But, I enjoyed helping keep people safe. And my dream of being an FBI Agent was born. Until about the seventh grade when I realized I barfed at the sight of blood.

The moral of the story? At a young age I always wanted to help people.

The quote by Robert Ingersoll sums up everything that I am and believe in. Before you can rise, before you can be someone great you have to do something great for someone else. And I’m not saying this because I’m into the whole rising for greatness or power thing. All I want is to be able to grow, to be able to be someone good. The process might be slow, but no matter how slowly the growth is happening it happens. That is what makes falling forward, rising people up, loving worth all the struggles in this world. I love to help people because when I help someone, when I lift them up, the gratitude they feel, the smile on their face, the warmth of their heart makes it worth it. Knowing I made someone’s day is what changes my outlook on things.

I challenge you today to lift someone up. Give them a smile. A hug. Make a funny. Do something that provides them a silver lining. And then see what happens.

Have fun making happy memories. xoxo