Hold, please!

This is a common phrase in my every day life. I say it to my husband, my friends, my coworkers and now to the birthday bash. It is day three of my blog blast and I will not skip a day. The celebration just has to go on without me for a few minutes as I gather my thoughts.

Today has been a day of celebration and journeying down memory lane. It isn’t quite over yet as I am still not at home but what an eventful day.

For two years I have wanted to tattoo the heartbeat of my son onto my left ribcage, as close to my heart as possible. Instead, at the twelfth hour I drew another picture that would not only memorialize my son but his brothers and sisters as well.

After four years between tattoos today I honored my angel babies with this:


After nearly two hours of giving my bum major punishment waiting for my artist to finish what is now my favorite tattoo I adventured into Portland for a birthday celebration.

Here I am at Dave and Busters – or what I like to call the grown up Chuck E. Cheese – being spoiled with food, drinks and games. As the party goes on without me in the game room I am blessed to think about today, the fun and the laughter, and the chance after feeling so down and out to finally feel a semblance of ok. And that is when I realized this:


It’s funny to have this pop up on my Pinterest feed since I was telling God this morning that I’m falling and I can’t grab a hold of any of the ledges. But, oh how this is the truth.

Sometimes I often wonder why God is putting me through what I am going through. I usually never know the answer. But, if there is anything I know it is when I am going through the toughest times in my life God either catches me while I fall or He teaches me to soar.

I wanted to stay home tonight so I could just work on my project. But, I am glad I am out because as weird as this may sound watching the people around me laugh and be genuinely happy has helped lift some of the heavy clouds that have gathered in my world. And as those clouds start to allow the sun to shine I am excited to be caught or to see my wings take flight.

I am not sure if this blog is very coherent. It is a bit hard to think straight with my little phone and the music/noise in the background. But, I just wanted to drop this: God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. And if you think He has, lovelies, just remember He is ready to prepare you to soar.

Be still and steady for your rainbow is on its way. xoxo