Use your wings…

My boss sends us the Tuesday Loves or Wednesday Loves or Friday Loves. I’m sure you get the picture. One thing I know about my boss is she is a force to be reckoned with and someone that I immediately respected. She is all about empowering those around her. She isn’t one of those bosses where she sits at her desk earning the big dollars and not doing anything. She works. She makes sure we work. But, she also ensures that we have a work life balance.

All of this to say…and this will sound really weird…I love her love letters. They are quick emails to the entire state looking to motivate us, to empower us, to enlighten us, to remind us that we are an unstoppable force as long as we remember that.

For example, here is one of her love letters

…and by that I mean…we all have great inconceivably vast capacities. If we operate on the principle that we’re multidimensional beings (even when we’re meeting deadlines), with extrasensory perception (even when we need a nap), with access to the great cosmological intelligence (even when we’re making purchasing decisions) then…then we can choose to feel and act more powerfully…

You have the power to get where you want to go, to see what’s really going on in a situation, to make excellent decisions.

Remember who you really are, and use your wings.

All for Love —Y

By understanding who we are, what we can accomplish through all of our busyness, that is when we become the people we are destined to be. The reason why I adore my boss? She is always telling me to fly. If there is one thing I believe I can do is I believe I can fly. I don’t associate myself with a phoenix for nothing. I have seen some pretty rough things and I have always risen from the ashes and soared. She reminds me to always keep doing it, no matter how hard the path.

With all my heart, I hope you find the courage to make all your dreams come true.

(a bit from one of my favorite poems…..)

….Carry your dream like that dream wants to be carried.
Like a precious golden egg, an incredible torch, or the very cure itself.
Whisper to it. Strap it to your back with your water supplies and climb, running.
Put it on the parade float and hear people applaud.
Feed it really good food.
Don’t tell a soul.

It’s a great privilege to dream.

—cheers, Y

That love note was the note that got me to take the leap to get to Boise. It was in Boise that I began to write a little more. It was in Boise that made me realize that I could do what I love and still do what burns in me to do, together.

Let’s just be genuine about our intentions.

And let’s be asking deeper questions about energy + intentions so we are not absorbing ideas about empowerment that don’t fit the shape of our hearts.

And by empowered I mean truly bringing forward one’s genuine and whole self in service to the world.

Happy Tuesday!

My passion is to serve others. To take the hand of someone and walk with them through the fire. Show them that God loves them and that the world may be dark but the world is also full of light and love.

Be that candle in the darkness. xoxo