Thank bloody goodness it is Friday. It has been a long week. My funny-find-a-way-to-inspire-me blog on Monday didn’t do the trick. Maybe I just needed to reread it over and over and over again this week. Lesson learned. But,  I can say I made it through another tough week. I can say I learned a few things here or there. How has your week gone?

My week in a recap went like this….

The voice of Ash Kethcum from Pokemon is a girl (that is me trying to jump that word out  at you as I do my happy dance). I have always been into Pokemon (yes, I am not ashamed to admit it) since I grew up watching the show and trading the cards. And while it is not uncommon for girls to have voice overs for male characters, I still think that is pretty darn flippin’ awesome. She made me want to be a voice over actress. Well, maybe not really. Just one of those Pokemons that can only say singular words…


Or, “Char! Char!”

Ya. I’m into the Pokemon craze…or a complete nerd. I’m good with either. Apparently I’m not the only one. While walking to Starbucks the other day I saw a man on the street that was totally devoted. A pokeball tatted on his calf and Pikachu on his arm. Hardcore. Fan.

Political party’s prayers can be vastly different. Commercial break: Sorry for the politics. Don’t get too pissy on what I have to say. With freedom of speech and all I’m just giving my opinion. With that said, prayer to me is something personal, life altering, usually selfless. For me prayer is surrendering to God humbly asking for help. At the RNC Republicans prayed for strength and healing for the world, leaders and everyone else. At the DNC Democrats partied during prayer and prayed to be wise and make Clinton prez.

Here is the video. Okay, that is all I’m going to say about politics.

My boss is the shiz. Now I already knew she was awesome but I love that she supports my writing even though she knows it could turn into a career which ultimately means she’ll be without me. Everyone can be replaced but that doesn’t mean that they’re better (thanks Katie for that sentiment because that was awesome to hear).

I like long walks on the beach and…ya, no. I love the beach but long walks on the beach make your legs hurt when it is all said and done. There needs to be an easier way to walk on sand. The workout is great but still. I do like long walks though because they soothe your soul. The heart beats, you burn tons of calories which is always nice, and it unclutters your brain. You should go for a walk. Preferably not like a three hour walk but a nice walk to see the beauty God created.

Lastly, Fridays are always better then Mondays or Wednesdays. There really is no explanation there. Again, thank bloody goodness it is Friday. I can’t wait to start my weekend. I can’t wait to take the drive down to my family with my windows down and the wind blowing through my hair, blasting my country music until my husband’s ears can’t take it anymore. I can’t wait to spend time working on my project. Eating some amazing Hawaiian food. And being able to unwind and refresh for the week ahead. I can tell you it is much needed.

Happy Friday y’all. xoxo