From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges


do you

Love Yourself

Valentine's Day is known as the Day of Love. The day when your beau will get you flowers and chocolate. Your girl will write a sweet letter and make you something handmade. In essence, its a romantic holiday for sure.... Continue Reading →

The Girl You Think I Am

It's been two years since you've left. I can't imagine my life without mom. I've been forced to imagine my life without you.


Cont;nue F;ght L;ve

Colored Scarlet

Everyone has a past. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone wonders why they chose to act one way versus the other. It's no secret that we are all humans, but it is what you make of those mistakes that make you who you are.


Tonight wasn't really about the food. Or the celebration of our 12 years of marriage. Rather, tonight was about taking a dream and going on an adventure.


Sometimes you get the luxury in life to have everything fall at your feet. Not many people get to experience that, heck, I never have. But, it happens. For the ones like myself that don't have that luxury, we are always wondering when will we ever catch that break. So you know, those who just sit there waiting will continue to wait.

Witch Trial

Put me through my witch trial but in the end, as always, I will rise.

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