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I Can’t Help

Depression sucks. I was determined during this 30 day blog blast to make it without falling. Without have to deal with darkness. I am days away from finishing this blog blast and I have found myself a few strings away... Continue Reading →


In Caregiver Core Training we had to learn about the Five Stages of Grief. It is an important training because of the trauma the children often must face. We went in-depth about each stage. A few days later a friend... Continue Reading →

The Powers of Anxiety

I can't believe it is February. I swear to you it was just July of 2016. But, here we are already saying goodbye to January 2017. As I sit here baffled at the month's end I'm trying to find a way... Continue Reading →

Even The Little Things

This pass summer when everything was black I didn't think I was going to find my way out of it. I had an amazing Mother's Day Weekend and then the world tumbled, no, my world avalanched downhill after that. Someone... Continue Reading →

Take Time To Rest

Society sets a standard that if you aren't busy you aren't successful. If you aren't going after it you aren't "the man." I never really thought I lived my life with that mentality. But, after staying home all week last week... Continue Reading →


I am not a mother to a breathing child. I do not know what it's likes to be a mother to my own child. But, here's the thing. I love like a mother. I think like a mother. I speak like... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Awareness Day 10/10/16

Last year I wrote an open letter to the loved ones of the depressed and anxious. On a day like today I want to do everything I can to help and so here I am again. It has been a... Continue Reading →

Finally Choosing

I saw a picture of my niece today. She moved back to Hawaii with her mother this year and not a day goes by that I don't think of how my Hoku is doing. I never told my family but... Continue Reading →

Which Voice….Part Dos

Yesterday I wrote about taking control of your thoughts and listening to the good angel versus the bad. I wanted to just expand a little more on it. Well,  not so much as expand but give you proof that positive... Continue Reading →

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